Dust Covered Peace

Hi, to start things off, I thought I’ll post something I wrote a few weeks ago. I actually wrote it for the online forum but it didn’t work out. So here goes.

Dust Covered Peace
In a dusty corner of her Achchi’s house
She found something she hadn’t seen before
It was in the dusty handkerchief that Seeya once used
Lying forgotten on a dusty dressing table,
the mirror a cracked web
“What is this, Achchi?” she asked,
“I’ve never seen it before!”
Achchi held the handkerchief to her nose, breathing in the faint scent
Seeya’s once favorite perfume still there, unbeaten by age
She gave it to the little on, a gift to be treasured
“I haven’t seen it in many years
But I think its called peace!”

3 thoughts on “Dust Covered Peace”

  1. Well Pathum, this poem is a small but beautiful piece with evokes emotion in the readers. Now, the lines all run on with an unbroken scheme, and thus since you include the conversations by the people involved in the actions and thoughts in the poem, it really works well here.Then again, the fact that it is a small device with great significance is really astounding. A small handkerchief like this brings about so much memories of the old woman's dead husband. In fact, it sort of reminds me of a poem named "Wedding Photographs," in which an old lady narrates her whole wedding day.This smaller poem though shows us the same, that if we love somebody, they remain forever, as in you mention that his favorite perfume is "unbeaten by age". But then what confuses me is this whole concept of "peace" that you've used. Is peace a symbolism for something that goes beyond merely the handkerchief and is part of a bigger picture?Are you suggesting that she feels at peace because of her memories that have come back to her? Or that, when there is strife and there is a small ray of hope-like, the handkerchief on the dusty table-it is like finding a sense of peace? That's all, but it does seem to be a pretty little start to our blog…a really fitting start Vasika 😉

  2. Hi Vasika,I was actually saying that peace exists no more. And this little girl finds it in the past (the old handkerchief). The grandmother remembers it slightly, a distant memory, like her husband. So when the girl finds this 'thing' in that dusty corner, she's confused, and it told its peace, and to treasure it.

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