Why did we do this?

Well, this is the first just-for-fun piece on this young blog.
Hi, I am Vasika, and let’s just say this is our brainchild. We are the Imperial Two, Shailee and I, aren’t we? She agrees, even if I don’t see the reply just now.
Now, this is all in a slight tribute of sorts, to the recently-begun Write to Reconcile, the reason of which is clearly shown on the title up there. In fact, we need a bit of friendship and racial harmony in this country, since it has, for years, been completely torn asunder, its walls dripping red with the blood of the innocents.

We as young people have a responsibility to protect our nation from future strife like what our parents lived through, and writing is a powerful tool.

Of course, the project was the brainchild of a famous Lankan-Canadian author (a nice guy, to be precise:)), and he brought together young and old from here, there and everywhere to work on a book of a variety of written works, prosaic and poetic.
Well, here I am….first successful blog which I can actively post to….


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