Tomatoes; a poem

For her tomatoes meant few things.
The bright red of ketchup
Zigzagging on French Fries
The fine slices between buttered bread
Chopped cubes with cheese in a still hot Submarine
For him tomatoes meant other things.
Peppered for a salad, onions too
Preserved for future use, the jam bottles lined neatly
Tossed in with some salt, to the bubbling curry
For another her tomatoes were nothing
Only a dead memory
The small plots, plants so small
Bearing fruits of greens, yellows and reds.
The juice had splattered with her blood
A painting on a wall
Fruits that once found her some coins
Now paying not even for her life

7 thoughts on “Tomatoes; a poem”

  1. Wonderful! You have taken a seemingly mundane object like tomatoes and turned it into a masterpiece! The beginning actually made my mouth water 🙂 The end was quite sickening. (I mean the lines "The juice had splattered with her bloodA painting on a wall") However, that must have been the reality for many farmers in war-affected areas… The way you brought that reality into the limelight was… absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Well, okay, I mean, this poem starts out so funnily! I must say, it's artistic, the way you use a common fruit and then turn it into something completely acidic and bitter-tasting. It's nice, but I don't really get this, I'm sorry. Is the tomato a metaphor for something?

  3. no issue Vasika. So tomatoes, right! the first person finds it in pizza. basically someone who lives in Colombo, is exposed to foreign food and what not. So for another, its what goes with his food, that is more Sri Lankan. For the other lady, well, she made a living out of them, by selling the fruit. And yet, that where she died.So basically, this one common thing, I mean, we find tomatoes everywhere. And yet, they mean such different things. Its the Americanism that's taking over society, its also in what we call Sri Lankan today. How this fruit has invaded our cuisine. But its also death to some. For so many people who grew these in their gardens were also killed in those plots.I hope I was clear! sometimes, my lack of theory of minds gets in the way!

  4. weirdly no. I don't love pizza and fries and whatnot (even though they aren't exactly 'American') because the US forced all that junk down my throat. We choose what to embrace!

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