to hate ‘hate’

 A friend’s view on the topic:

Admit it. All of us have been affected by the war in one way or another. It could have been something devastating like the death of a family member to some of us. Or petty annoyances like mandatory checkpoints for the lucky ones. Despite the scale to which we have been scarred, one thing is for certain. We simply do not want another war again.

Yet, looking at the actions of some individuals, I began to question that hope. All the racist campaigns and such made me wonder: do these people want another debilitating era? Don’t they realize that they are aggravating the battle scars which were just beginning to heal? I began to “hate” hate without realizing it.

Something I heard from a friend stopped me in my track: Wasn’t it possible that these people themselves might have received a major blow to their life? Isn’t it one big vicious cycle? Do people become racist by choice or is it because of their upbringing, education or their environment?

I would like to end with a quote from another friend: “We are just a tiny dot filled with life, in an infinite universe. And, to hate each other & kill each other, just because, we were given life, a few miles away from each other, that doesn’t sound very civilized, eh?” Race, colour, religion, country are so small when we realize how small we really are. As our perspective gets larger our differences become smaller. Depends what you concentrate on.


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