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(NOTE: This is regarding a particular incident, but it can be generalized to include all regions, faiths and beliefs. All things will face criticism, you can either accept it all and make no fuss or try to put p a counter argument, which will only prove how tolerant you are :)….n offense, but this is not an anti-religious piece, please note that we respect all faiths)

Race, religion, everything. In our world, strife is created on so many unpleasant levels, and yes, criticism of religion is one. We take Islam as our example.

This isn’t about race, or cutting down all Muslims, or trying to say that people shouldn’t be allowed to practice the religion of their choice.
It is about evening out the playing field. That is to say that, yes, you can follow a religion of your choice. What you cannot, or should not do, is expect that religion to be beyond any sort of criticism in any context. And when it comes to Islam, that’s exactly what has happened. It is fine for moderate Islam to turn the other cheek in the face of extremism. It is fine for Muslims to make death threats because some people drew cartoons lampooning their prophet (which were based on reality, for the record), you blame the cartoonists of course. They were entitled to their feelings, but they were not entitled to acting out in violence, anymore than they were for the murder of Theo Van Gogh or anyone else who dares to disagree. And no one should have to bow to such ridiculous behavior.
Well, no, of course it isn’t fine. And while I am sure many people will use this day as an excuse to spread hate and bigotry, that is not what I am trying to do here. Like the Dutch cartoonists, I am making a statement about the condition of religion.
(Credit to: Nicole Graffam) 

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