Here we have another form of art, and that is art literally. We all must lend a helping hand, for even the smallest sacrifice can go a million miles. By Cristina Rodrigo:

“This piece was created after I encountered these girls, left alone by her mother to sympathize people who were passing by and bring something home. They are just two of children around every corner of the world, boxed inside their poverty unable to reach out. Hundreds of voices that echo around their destiny will never be heard by the outside world. We won’t be able to help them by throwing bits and pieces into the pit. We have to go down the rope or hold the rope for those who go down, either way your hands will be bruised.” 

As a viewer, it feels like one is looking into the eyes of these children, looking into the core of their souls, and their innocence. Yes, Poverty and war go hand in hand, as is a well-known fact. 

(Picture copyrights go to Cristina Rodrigo)


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