on beliefs


Such a simple world.
Such a simple answer.


The cause of hate.
The cause of war.

Sri Lanka has just woken up to a time of no war. Sure, the war and conflict ended in 2009, more than three years ago. Does this mean Sri Lanka has been a peaceful country since 2009? Ah, that’s the one question that makes us stutter, look around for words, change the subject.

So the racial issue which was originally a fight for power was brought to an end. The Tamils and Sinhalese hugged and kissed and stopped killing each other. Now we have a new issue, a new fight for power. And that’s where religion comes in.

Because any unwise comment will only put me behind bars, I will not go into the details of this conflict. I’ll simply say that it has become a religious issue. A religion that is known for its hate-free nature using words as a weapon and not a shield and a religion that is often [wrongly] blamed for violence around the world that only wanted a prayer said for the animal that was about to be slaughtered.

Why do Buddhists claim the Buddha’s doctrine isn’t a religion? Because, it isn’t. What makes Buddhism a religion are the traditions and rituals that surround it.

What is expected from a religion? Relief. Some way to unburden your self of various things. This is why, I think religions with a God, especially a forgiving one, has so many followers. The idea of a God gives the faithful a friend, a listening ear, someone to lean on.

Creation? Religion shouldn’t be about proving things of a scientific nature. Leave creation, the end of the world and what not for science.

Putting down a religion or belief just because it hasn’t proved anything isn’t needed. We read fantasy books, watch various movies and play unrealistic games without burning down buildings or hating people. Religion is in a way a fantasy. A soft pillow that will comfort you and will offer some thing to live for.

So no matter what your religion is, no matter what you believe in or rather, don’t believe in. Be tolerant and patient. Accept and love.


6 thoughts on “on beliefs”

  1. I adore the top part of this post. It' so true, and in fact it has a lot of effect, as the first thing that we see when we read this post. also, the fact that religion is something that really doesn't work, is brought out very well here. The problem is not religion itself though, but using it as a weapon.Yes, and thank you so much Shailee, for mentioning that science and religion can't ever go together with creation itself as the example. Yes, Darwinism trumps Creationism once again!!! Religion being fantasy, well, of ocurse, if you take religions like Hinduism, mythology is basically a religion in such cases, but it may be, and it often is, based on actual events. Jesus Christ really existed, and Lord Buddha and Prophet Muhammad really existed (as did the legendary and mythological places of Hindu epics like the Mahabharata and the Purana and Veda literature) but people have since added or removed elements to make them seem fantasy-ish and further from the truth.

  2. Well Shailee, kudos on addressing a sensitive topic in an interesting way! Yep, I too loved the way you had arranged the initial part. That really sums everything up.I agree whole-heartedly on the fact that neither religion nor race should be a cause for violence. The Crusades, the Bosnian war, the jihads etc all ended up in bloodshed… Hmmm… The conflict between science and religion is another story. Albert Einstein said “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” Dr. Francis Collins said “God can be found in the cathedral or in the laboratory. By investigating God’s majestic and awesome creation, science can actually be a means of worship.”

  3. I've never looked at religion to find answers science should be providing. Like, Buddhist teachings I've read do talk about the universe and life after death and what not. Yet, I've never thought, "hmm! only the Buddha has spoken about the birth of human kind in an interesting way, so I'll be a Buddhist." Nor have I ever thought "Oh Christianity believes in God which is yet to be proven so I'll not believe in it."So religions shouldn't be put down or laughed at for not proving the things that science should be proving. This is why religion and science are two separate things. The Cathedral and laboratory needs to be separate…Just my idea about it 🙂

  4. Even forgetting what people have added, I've heard so many people say that half these religions are useless because God just doesn't exist. Or half the stories about the Buddha's life is made up. Of course they are. When I was small, yes the Buddha was someone who stepped on seven flowers, but later on, I realized that these are the little things that make deep teaching interesting, and attractive.So people putting them down, especially those who have made atheism a religion, saying these stories are too childish to be true, and so burn churches and crush temples… Well, do they also kill people at say Comicon or hate people who read LOTR?

  5. Yes Shailee, it is true that religions shouldn't be put down or laughed at for not proving the things that science should be proving. I respect that view. I was actually looking at another side of this conflict. There are certain places where the cathedral and the laboratory NEEDS to come together, especially when there is a doubt as to whether a scientific venture is ethical or not. For example, stem cell research… 🙂

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