An Ode to the Sky

This is a picture project which happened to be the brainchild of a very honorary and helpful member of the WFR team who suggested a Facebook project, to explore the sky and the nature of humanity. Here is the result of all our collections, this is PART I of a new special by WFR:

Photo: I think that this picture pretty much sums up what we all want and love. So, for the new month, WFR invites YOU to wonder at the heavens beyond, for remember, the sky is the limit
This notice here (artwork by myself, Vasika Udurawane, and lettering by Rochelle Silva) had massive consequences even if I say so myself, so here are all the pictures collected over a surprisingly short space of time on the Facebook WFR page, and part of our ever-expanding photo gallery.
A view of the sky over the suspension bridge near the Shrine of our Lady of Madhu, Mannar district.

“This sky was once filled with acrid fumes of shelling during the war. It bore the sighs of thousands of refugees since 1990. A few years back, visiting the shrine was only a dream to many of us. Now, this pale blue sky bears witness to thousands of Sinhalese and Tamil Catholic pilgrims as well as other devotees from all over the country.”
Photo credits: Name withheld — in Madhu, Sri Lanka.

Yakkala, Gampaha District
“Great fleecy clouds and slight wispy ones, ready to be blown away in the wind, swirl in the light cyan sky. I lay on my back as I bonded with them above me, these monuments in the air, light and airy, beautiful but never, everlasting”
Photo credits: Vijini Gimhani Mallawarachchi

That day, the Sun tore through the dull sky, a shade between blue and grey, strange for the coast, but not strange as a part of this ever-altering world full of even stranger paradoxes. My boredom inspired me to go chasing the sun, as that is what we do till forever comes, is just chasing the sun. Thank heavens I still had the eyes to gaze upon this flaming ball, this god who glowed down brightly on my mortal form, as I stood on the sandy, windy beaches of Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. 
Photo credits: Vasika Udurawane

Photo credits and poetry: Vijini Gimhani Mallawarachchi
“A gloomy sky after rain
full of nimbus clouds…
No sight of daylight
But a dark sky at morn…

Just below, on the earth
the land has drowned…
The trees stand up
lucky they are tall…

Though it’s the morning
there seems no sign…
Seems to be cursed
by the witching hour…

It’s another gloomy day
so as my lonely heart…
Searching for a glimpse of sun
to make me cheer up…”

 — at Yakkala

Photo credits and caption: Nilakshi Goonethilake
“This is one of my experience in life and an extraction of my written German book.

~Low tide at Wattenmeer~

It was a gloomy day,not much Sun,heat and noise. I was to be on this day in Wattenmeer, North Germany with my friends. So many people were walking barefoot on the sea bed. For me this was a terrible too cold day. But, was fun to be barefooted on the sea bed. Had long walks as the day wasn’t that gorgeous.

Anyhow, the whole day wasn’t like this. After a drizzle the gloomy sky went by and the blue sky appeared with all it’s puffy clouds. Well, didn’t take much notice when I first captured this picture. But, if I recall this day, the reflections of the blue sky in Wattenmeer is calling me for another day…

Would it be terrific or just gloomy as before? or ??

Um….curious right?”


A beautiful evening by the legendary Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa, the most prestigious ancient irrigation work seen in Sri Lanka, or maybe even the whole of Asia.

Picture credits: Vindya Jayasinghe

Photo credits: Uchitha Aroshan

(Picture supplied to us by Areeba Haroon)

The beautiful view in Samanala Wewa, Belihuloya, Sri Lanka, and as the clouds show us here, floating passively across the slightly vivid, almost neon blue sky, there are most surprising changes waiting for us in the future that may come gently, truly, gently as a floating cloud. 

The depth in the picture, extending into the mountains is only a reminder how far these gentle changes may affect us as people.

Photo credits: Shailee Wick


It was amazingly beautiful. The rain gently hitting your face, cooling you and making you forget that tiring climb to the top. And then the sun peaking through from those far away clouds! 
Photo credits and poem: Shailee Wick
the orange whispers
through the sky
of purple or grey
a tinge of yellow
of nighttime and darkness
and yet, the same song
is sung
as the trees sway
and the waves hum
miles away,
the same sky,
the same sun setting


We told ourselves ten pictures before the post, but what we got was so pretty, it was irresistible, and we had to put this thing up here! So, we broke our own rules…


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