An Ode to the Sky PART II

Yes, well we couldn’t really help ourselves, least of all myself, because I saw perhaps the most heavenly skies I’ve ever seen. They took my breath away, to be truthful and, well, unlike all other sky photographs we put up here, I have written anything  about them, simply because I felt such a poetic urge coming onto me. Firstly, they are too beautiful for words, thus proving to us unworthy little hairless-bodied mammals that Mother Nature truly is the greatest artist. The hands of Goya, of da Vinci, Raphael, Van Gogh and every artist ever can never compete with her magical palette and her paintbrush of marvels.
Here are the photographs of Hunter Archer-, with whose kind permission these pictures are used.

Psalm 8: 3-4
“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”

This is a tribute to an artist, to Nature, to God Himself, for giving us all a roof above our heads, and something to look into, when we pray with all our hearts.

The light shone forth,
Brightest gold.
God! Shed thy holy glow
Upon me and all my brothers.
For I stayed my eyes upon the image
And lo! Did my soul burn!
Burn with love, as upon my heart you did look
Filling us all 
All with love, all with thy luminosity!
“A Beauty Presence”
A perfect light,
Streaked across the pale, azure skies,
As I looked upon thy image
Burning brightly in my eyes.
For never had I yet beheld,
In all my years of life,
For never had I yet beheld,
A beauty presence as thine.
A beauty that filled me, 
A beauty that could kill me,
A beauty I could feel was now,
Slipping away slowly.
A beauty presence as thine,
A beauty presence as thine.
“Armageddon’s Fire”
Dante, did you not once dream?
Dream one night of Hell?
Dream of fiery blood, 
Rampant across your mind?
Did you never tell us what He told you, 
That forever he would be the Light?
That Armageddon’s Fire,
Would slowly, slowly die?
For Dante when you saw the Roman
And took his ancient hand,
Did you never see the Light
Beyond all Satan’s land?
Why never did you fail the see His visage,
Smiling past?
Life, love, laughter, did He command upon this world,
As Armageddon’s Fire
Above you gently burned.
That the fires would never be forever,
That the light would still appear,
Through the trees,
Torched right through
By Armageddon’s Fire
At a being beside did I gaze,
As I felt divine flames cross my face,
The roof above us calling out, 
A show for every man.
Calling to me as I gazed, on
Somebody who was tangled, 
Somebody strange to others,
A soul so young and unreadable,
But in the skies all I saw was the purest simplicity,
A fairness, a glow, held steady in our eyes,
A pale, fading lavender,
With neon pinks across the skies.
A soul so strange, 
A soul so young,
A soul full of secrets.
But all I saw was simplicity, 
Purest beauty, and pure
Showed thou thy visage,
Across that brightened sky,
Showed me the simplicity,
That lay within those eyes,
For mortal though I am, I will forever know
That simplicity,
The everlasting beauty,
That pure, sweet innocence,
The lovely simplicity.
“The Angel’s Light”
Suffered long have I,
Suffered so long alone.
Suffered in anguish have I,
My sins begging to be atoned.
But saw a sinful man,
As he sweated in his sleep,
The holiness of the angel’s light,
As shadows around would creep.
The shadows shied away,
My sinful soul was swayed,
As His heavenly breath I breathed in,
As the angel prayed for me.
Gently, slowly, my life slipped from my sight
As I was encased,
My memories erased,
Within the angel’s light.
(If you want to see more of Hunter’s photographs, visit his page on deviantART, and trust me, you will love what you see. Until then, the heavenly skies be with you!)
(All photographs are the property of Hunter Archer and will not be used without his direct permission)


6 thoughts on “An Ode to the Sky PART II”

  1. First of all, thank you Hunter Archer for sharing your awesome photos with us! They were FABULOUS!!! Thanks a lot!!! @ Vasika: Well done! I really liked the photos you chose and your magnificent poems too! It was nice to see that you wrote this as a tribute to God for his wonderful creation. Of course, we could never praise God enough for his limitless love for us, but you’ve done a GREAT job! Yep, nature is the greatest artist ever! Neon pinks continue to dominate the scene, eh? Your poems reminded me of those in the “Gitanjali” and also the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible. You’ve chosen each and every word with care and the result is… divine!

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