We can choose to love. Or hate

No two people have identical thumbprints, I’ve heard. Or maybe I read it somewhere. It doesn’t matter though. All that matters is that no two people are identical. We are different in our own ways. Our personalities are never completely alike. Yet, such differences rarely tear people apart. What really brings out the hate, anger and dislike in the hearts of humans is race, religious, caste and culture.


Take two people. One believes in a god. The other doesn’t. One wears a burqa. The other doesn’t. One speaks Tamil, the other doesn’t. These two people can look beyond these differences that they were most probably born into. This is what the wise and intelligent would do. Or they could laugh and insult the other’s beliefs, customs and attire. They can quote or rather, misquote, religious texts, they can burn down houses, just to show that their religious, race or ethnic group is better.


Friendship cannot grow between two such people. Love would not find a place in their hearts.


3 thoughts on “We can choose to love. Or hate”

  1. I adore that picture. Panthera leo and Panthera tigris together in one photograph, and yet they don't even coexist in nature these days. I like the short, direct sentences in the second paragraph, like you're really belting out words in an "in your face" format. And extremism of any sort is bad, that's correct 100%

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