The Serenity of Redemption

The Serenity of Redemption
Adhering to his power, the Halo of the sun
So bright, twinkling like God’s glances
Revealing that vivid scene
Only the blessed may view
For all others are ignorant
Of Mother natures skeptic view
For only the rays of the rising sun
May match the the shade of the saint’s shadow
North , South ,East and West
Unite all blessed men
In the partaking of the Body
Passed down by his men
Devoted were they to the securing of the word
To ensure the faith of all sons and Daughters
Much woes they encountered
In order to succeed, unyielding
Were they to failure
Though ridiculed and martyred
For to protect the manuscript
That is yet to be assembled
And shall one day be sacred
To those who shall abide its teaching
Shall ensure their forevermore
And for to ensure a fair reckoning
Hence forth shall ye man love
And adore thy gifts bestowed upon thee
And to your faith vow that ye shall  abide its teaching
For faith defines all those righteous souls
Whom are fit in his eyes
Therefore all ye should
Consider the trouble, to keep faith alive
And love your fellow men
For only such can make thee  righteous
The serenity of nature to which thou art blind
Took great grooming and great affection to be perfection
For such was the plan before the apple
Though sinful is now our nature
Thoughtful was the only begotten
To offer all men redemption
Take to heart that none shall
Live to rule on earth forever
For the hosts must not be kept waiting
Seek thou the discretion of good deeds
And join hands to behold Redemption

7 thoughts on “The Serenity of Redemption”

  1. Nice first post, my good man for one thing 🙂 Also while the poem's core meaning seems very simple the beautifully detailed imagery you have brought out reveals Christianity as its heart. And yet at the very end you offer us a comment that we shall all "join hands to behold Redemption". The capitalization here brings out the fact that this is important. We all suffer from racial complexes and all that crap, but in the end what makes us more human than ever is the fact that we will all face our final judgement and redemption someday as equal humans. P.S. you can space out the verses next time though, but still I like it

  2. I quite like it. And I actually understood the poem which is great since I rarely get poems. Beautiful message. Loved the lines, " The serenity of nature to which thou art blind,Took great grooming and great affection to be perfection"And yes, while the poem strongly suggested a Christian background, it didn't feel suffocatingly about religion.Also, welcome aboard 🙂

  3. Welcome to the WFR team brother! 🙂 It was a delight to read your poem! Elegant language which is very much close to the language in the book of psalms!! The use of Christian symbols was effective.

  4. I too loved the line "the serenity of nature to which thou art blind". As you had written, it's high time people understood that "none shall live to rule on Earth forever"…. So this poem has universal appeal.

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