An unseen side of reconciliation

A conversation with a great friend of mine made me think of an aspect of reconciliation that we often neglect. Since 2009, many Sri Lankans have taken to visiting the areas which were out of bounds for us due to the debilitating war. We marvel at the gorgeous beaches in Jaffna, feel as if we are transported to the past as we gaze at the historic sites and enjoy ourselves to the maximum…

 However, we do not realize that we are slowly ruining the beauty of our motherland by a heinous act: littering. We get offended if outsiders vandalize our cities and we should remember that it applies in the reverse order too. It is our duty to help our brothers and sisters of the North in their efforts to restore their cities to their former glory… So here’s a kind reminder to all local and foreign tourists to stop littering and, at all times, to respect the culture of your destination.

9 thoughts on “An unseen side of reconciliation”

  1. This is a simple post, and what's fun about this is how you've addressed a side to reconciliation that we rarely bother about. Of course litter is a problem, but you've been honest about it, and not magnified it into something people will protest about, any anti-litter campaigns and people getting murdered on the road.That's why this post is good, and also for merely mentioning litter, when the rest of us think of war, religion and all that. This is so out-of-the-box!

  2. Thanks a LOT Vasika! I really appreciate your comment… This praise should actually go to the "great friend" I mention at the beginning…. 🙂 I'll pass it on! :-)And yes, anti-whatever campaigns shouldn't lead to people being murdered on roads etc…

  3. Its the respect you show a place. When people go to the North they should go there not to look for a battlefield or a place where a war was lost by one group and won by the other. The North is still part of Sri Lanka, it is a place where our own people live. The place we throw a bag away was the place a man once fought for his country, where a mother tried to protect her children from the deadly bullets.We don't think of it like this and so we don't care. We don't love and respect nature anymore. And when we can't love and respect the earth we walk on, we can't love and respect others. We ask for forgiveness when we anger the gods, but we never do for when we litter or pollute.

  4. Truly though many speak of the tyranny of littering but never seem to put it into practice! If a single person take the iniatative to resist littering I believe all other s may gradually follow , as sheep follow their sheperd.. And also that we should not litter and says he/she did so … SoI did too…. Rules against littering should be set and followed! Especially the sacred sites of this island, though many visit them to seek blessings …. It iS they who litter ….. The irony evident !

  5. Thank you Rekawa! I agree with your ideas… Each one of us should take the initiative in this mission. As you had mentioned it is indeed ironic when people litter "sacred places" as well…

  6. Also I remembered something our school principal once told us. During a Roy-Tho match, a boy had told our school principal that he had seen many of our school girls wearing slipeprs to the match. These were Arugam Bay's and whatnot, but slippers nonetheless. So my principal had told him that, she can't tell the girls how to dress, but if they had respect for either school, they would be wearing slippers to a match.When I remembered this recently, I realized that anything we do, our behavior and dress depend on how much respect we have for a place or person. So if we choose to litter, it's because we don't respect that place.

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