Deus Te Benedicat
(May god bless you !)
Inspiration of the winged race
Was he the morning star
Yet his jealousy towards the new creation
Made him compete for attention
And due to his lust for attention
B’ came  he vice of the wing’ d nation
And all in the present say
“Cruel is he the father of the fallen!”
Eager was he to rule the wing’ d nation
However foiled was his plan
 When the only begotten was crowned
 As king of salvation
Truly did he care for the creation
To bear being forsaken
No award can reward the gift
That is salvation
Brave was she the Holy maternal figure
 Innocent as an untouched white rose,
When conceiving he the son of heaven
Rejoice! , all ye in Christ
For he is great
Truly, truly can any ye say nay
“It is done”, said he whence upon the cross
Ensuring that all who obey the scripture will enter
Thank him the son of the Father
For his love is long enduring and selfless
Though shamed is he now to look down,
To behold the sin inspired world
The world for whom he selflessly,
Laid down his life
Is now the domain of evil
And perfect home for the devil
Unwilling is man to let Christ reign
For tasted have we temptation
Denied him have we on earth,
Therefore deny shall he us,
In the presence of his father
Ignorant is man to the still beating heart of nature,
Guardians were we intended to be of the perfect creation
Present is the spirit of the father
Providing aid to those who call
Heed thou the scripture for the reckoning is not far
The revelations spoken of by the son
Is due to the distance of man
Yet shalt thou heed any warning?
Nay, thou shalt not!

8 thoughts on “”

  1. Well done Rekawa!! Even someone who has heard about creation, the fall of the wicked angel, etc for a long time will enjoy this! The way you had described Mother Mary was beautiful! Loved the lines "Ignorant is man to the…Guardians were we.."

  2. I;m not sure I understand the whole concept of the poem though….beyond the fact that it's the Fall of Lucifer….could you explain to me a bit more? Also it's quite ingenious of you to put in that varying font type.

  3. I like how when you think of it, war and battles always lead to having a good guy and bad guy. But if you really look at things, neither party is completely good or bad. If people were more willing to accept this, so many of the post-war arguments will be avoidable.Getting back to your poem, it was beautiful, the words and story.

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