Ode to the Sky IV

We realized that the sky is not the limit. For there is something beyond that great, seemingly infinite expanse.  This limitlessness allows our imaginations to run wild and free and this is how we have been able to gather so many words and photographs (and even a painting) of the sky. It is difficult to imagine one thing, the sky, could have many chapters dedicated to it, but here we are. The fourth Ode to the Sky, with many more to come.
He looks at the canvas
A dirty white,
Waiting to be covered in
An infinite number of colors
He dips the paintbrush
In a cup of thick paint
A shiny midnight blue it is
He paints the sky
The blue sheet he has never seen
And closes his eyes trying to picture it all
Slight white traces of paint
The clouds he imagines
And golden yellow stars
The midnight blue
Dries as the sun sets
And the darkness outside thrives
Then he rips the canvas apart
For what he just painted,
What he has never seen
A constant reminder of
The past he doesn’t know
The shreds of painted cloth
Land heavily on the cold stone floor
Of the prisoner’s home
The tiny ray of moonlight
Which creeps through a small invisible crack
Lingers on that midnight blue
If the painter had looked closely
He would have seen
The tomorrow in his painting
But he doesn’t
For he sees nothing
Not the stars that shine
The moon that lights the world
Or the sky that protects it
Poem by: Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya
Painting: Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh
In quiet words,
they thank the gods
for the rain
that bathes the earth

hands clasped
they look up

at the clear skies
and thank the lords

silent though, is she
who should be thanked
mother nature some call her
but forgotten she remains

 Poem by: Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya
Photo by: Ashika Amaratunga
Marching back home quickly like a rushing troubled young soldier late for the parade. It was now sunset. Feeling upset, i had to be there before darkness. Many words making endless sentences in my mind couldn’t form out a melody. I had slipped down the ladder just like in many instances i lost count of. The sad countenance on my face bore the mark of my recent bad experiences.

I couldn’t help making silent heart cries alone. My gaze remained on the clear beautiful sky outlined by a winter background. This day wasn’t fortunate for me but i felt rays of hope emanating from the beautiful sky. I could sense the message left by the unseen finger of God. Its like angels were holding the corners of the page written in the sky. Though i try to act like a boss, I’m always at the mess of these unseen powers. I felt chills on my hands as i drew a deep breathe to revive my strength and kiss this sad day good bye.

Words by: Pascal Tinarwo
Photo by: Pascal Tinarwo
Children of Mother Nature,
All of them were,
Basking in the beauty,
And the colourful majesty,
Of her breathtaking gifts.

A flock of pelicans rose up to the sky,
Stunning them all as they wondered aloud,
“Nature connects us all…”

 Poem by: Rochelle Silva
Photo by: Rochelle Silva


4 thoughts on “Ode to the Sky IV”

  1. The first poem, for some reason, reminds me of that old song, "Vincent"…I still remember some lyrics:"Now I understand"What you tried to say to meHow you suffered for your sanityHow you tried to set them free….They did not listen they did not know how…Perhaps they'll listen now…" Really lovely song, and I remember the song a little bit actually, mroe than just this chorus. Don't know who sang it, but…wow. When you look at Vincent Van Gogh and his life, then you just can't help but feel his genius, but also we can't help but feel sorry for the man, a true man who suffered greatly despite his talents.In your poem you've captured the artist's thought process as he begins to paint the "Starry Sky". OVerall this Ode is small but lovely.

  2. It is a pleasure to see that a project which began with the humble tagline: “The sky, majestic in its varied hues and shades, with its millions of moods, is common for all of us… It doesn’t deserve to be tainted with disharmony…” got so many beautiful pictures and words to accompany them! “Starry night” is ideal for your enchanting poem, Shailee! 🙂

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