3rd Month Anniversary

On the 7th of July, we celebrated our 3rd month anniversary. This poem was originally shared on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WrittenForReconciliation

We would like to thank all our contributors and fans! We are extremely grateful for your support in our journey towards reconciliation!

‘Twas at a writing workshop that they met,
Two sprightly people with lots to talk about,
And it was at an Avurudu FB status by one,
That WFR, the blog, the brainchild, was born.

So they wrote and wrote and wrote,
Stories that moved readers to tears,
Poems that expressed ideas sincere,
And groundbreaking opinions also did appear.

Then came along another member,
Who with sheer accident did discover,
This marvelous blog which strived to reconcile,
And also got its niche on FB in a while.

The trio chatted about topics myriad,
And included people who were serious,
About the cause, though from various regions,
Of the country and the world they were.

It has been 3 exciting months,
56 blog posts, 74 likes, thousands of messages,
And countless comments,
Hail WFR, may it be the best ever! 


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