The destination we all share

The destination we all share

For death considers,
Neither your religion,
Nor your race,
Nor your status.
Whether it’s in Nirvana, Moksha,
Jannah or Heaven,
in which you want,
your soul to be,
The body ends up,
Sometimes forgotten,
As a pile of dust.
“…for dust you are
and to dust you will return”1.
What really matters,
Is whether you left the Earth,
Better than the one,
You were born into…

1Genesis 3:19

4 thoughts on “The destination we all share”

  1. So true. people spend too much thinking about what happens after death that they forget to live. They imagine a nice comfy place in heaven (which truth be told, seems worse than hell!) that they may do good just for the sake of a better afterlife. But the person they are is just…

  2. The way people spend time thinking of life after death, it feels as if they are really missing out on real life around them, forgetting to really live. IT's really strange how blind some people are if they are unable to accept where they are, and to appreciate their stations in life.

  3. Well, we should give thought to our life after death, but not so much that we miss out on the “real life” like you said… Also, I have this weird question: if people want to “rest in peace”, why don’t they “live” in peace?

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