We have been talking about reconciliation and peace, but what about ourselves? Do humans feel reconciled with themselves as people, as beings? Here’s my thoughts, about how we can slip into darkness. The soul is capable of losing itself to demonic oblivion, and when what we are, is gone, what do we come out as?


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Nobody seems to care,
Nobody passes by.
Nobody has a kind word,
Nobody even smiles.
Nobody knows me,
Nobody feels for me,
Nobody knows my pain.

I see all,
Know all,
Hate all.
The wave of ages rolls again and again,
As I slip past mortal flesh in the halls.
I want love,
Cries out my burning soul.
They know not sorrow,
Merely to laugh.

Nobody, oh nobody,
Will ever want to die for me.
The One who spawned us now, is passed,
But leaves me scorned upon the Earth.
Nobody shall ever need me,
So I shall have everybody,
Wash my hands in the windows of their souls,
Drown my eyes in sweet grim death.

I live among us all,
The Devil guards me through the dark,
The Immortal King has shunned me.
But thankful I am for His passing,
And thankful that I kill, for
If Somebody I was,
Blood would not be needed.

Nobody should be Nobody.
Give us love, a light, make our souls peaceful,
Our torn minds, our wasting bodies.

(The darkness is strong, and as a man of this Earth, be stronger)


10 thoughts on “NOBODY”

  1. Love the lines"They know not sorrow,Merely to laugh.Nobody, oh nobody,Will ever want to die for me."Also I love this post because it's so honest. We have been looking at reconciliation in a very broad sense. But as you say, we haven't looked into reconciliation within our selves. And I think this post is a great way to move beyond race and religion and look at the conflicts within individuals.Because we all have that darkness in us. My cousin asked me, "Shailee, why are you unhappy when there is nothing to be unhappy about?"And people dismiss the frowns and tears of another by assuming they are just pretending, that everything is all okay!But sometimes we have to be honest, and just say it all. Get out there. And it is only then that we can really reconcile with our selves, and others.

  2. “I'm starting to realize that people lack good mirrors. It's so hard for anyone to show us how we look, & so hard for us to show anyone how we feel.”― John Green, Paper Towns

  3. Hated it the first time I read. Felt so fake, or not quite real. But then I thought, 'hey this is an author who doesn't disappoint." Reread and truly understood the story. We give off these impressions, and people have all these illusions about us. And when these shatter, well, we don't want to accept that people are not who we thought they were.And because of this, we tend to keep up those illusions, just because we don't want to lose people. And we get so comfy being someone we really aren't.

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