Friendship II

The culture most of us are brought up in gives us the opportunity to mingle with those from various ethnic communities. Sadly, many tend to let cultural and other beliefs decide who one could be friends with. While our beliefs do say a lot about who we are, they should not be a barrier to the various relationships we form in life. Instead, it should help us be more tolerant and accepting of beliefs that vary from our own. This is the foundation of friendship; acceptance and tolerance. No two people are alike, this is what makes us all unique. However, if we are unwilling to accept the differences in others, we cannot maintain friendships.


6 thoughts on “Friendship II”

  1. My life has been made richer by the variety of friends I've had the pleasure of associating with. So I agree with this completely… The photograph adds a personal touch to this short but sweet post:)The values of "acceptance and tolerance" is important for any human relationship.

  2. Yet, some friends don't understand and then we let them go. Yet, the ones we get along with, who understand us and more than anything, put up with us, they are truly amazing people.

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