Forsaken from the path of Reconciliation

Forsaken from the Path of Reconciliation
Are we not who, forsake him
Why now do we plead?
To once again be one with him
Hypocrites are we in need
We have forgotten,
The reason we were crafted
Remind us did the only Begotten,
Of our intended tasks
Truly chosen have we the path of the Devil
Echoing is the cheer for the Devil
By such ensuring mankind shan’t be risen
Nor upheld by the creator,
He took the time to craft us each,
Yet gratitude have we, nay!
Permitted have for temptation to preach
They who dwell in temptation
Shalt forevermore dwell amidst torment
For they shan’t enter the gates of redemption
As innocent as Lambs were we intended
Yet they a alone are not to blame for their doings,
For they are illiterates, therefore yield to temptation
Who is to blame, I know
Yet warned are we not to judge
For they who preach say such
For they think they glow with the knowledge of the high judge
Yet of of him know they so very little
The Tranquility of our islands sunset
Depicts a Godly image
To which are hearts surrender
However not knowing who made it so
Makes them indeed illiterate
Therefore forgiveness will be intended
To those who were not taught
To never be envious
The Journey on the road to reconciliation
Shan’t be merciful to those in the Dark


3 thoughts on “Forsaken from the path of Reconciliation”

  1. Such a lovely poem. Love the line, "For they are illiterates, therefore yield to temptation" I think this is something most people believe. We go on in life trying to resist the temptation to do certain things, and yet, we fail. Whether this is human nature, or rather human weakness or the devil's work, we all just give into temptation. Some one once said something along the lines of (and he was talking about enlightenment in a Buddhist sense) "man fears enlightenment more than he fears death" which I think says a whole lot about humans. We fear having no attachments, never giving into temptation more than we fear the end

  2. Wonderful poem Daveshka! It’s great to hear from you once more!!I admire the bravery with which you have written this. You are completely honest in expressing your opinion… I adore the phrases: “He took the time to craft us each,Yet gratitude have we, nay!” and “As innocent as Lambs were we intended”… They really make us sorry for the wrongdoings we have committed… The reference to the sunset in the middle of the poem was a bit surprising. However, I agree that the beauty of nature reminds us of God’s presence more than any other thing… We are reminded of how puny we are… 🙂

  3. Truly chosen have we the path of the DevilEchoing is the cheer for the Devil…that is again a reminder of the darkness that can be forced unto us. Because you have shown that we are all in God's hands and there is no denying it. I know, God made us to be perfect in image of Himself, is what you are saying, but we lead ourselves on the path to darkness and corruption. All in all, it's lovely!

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