For life goes on…

Her pottu glinted in the sun,

And to him,

It was like a thousand sun beams,

Hitting him off guard,

 And blinding him.

Just like her love had,

 Rendered him helpless.

He watched her dance,

With nimble feet on the ground,

Swaying like a cloud in a gentle breeze,

To the beats of a mrudangam.

“Was it a fault in their stars,

That didn’t bring them together?

No, not in this life…”,

With a heavy heart he pondered.

Song after song,

Of love that’s not there anymore,

Tear after tear,

For memories oh so sublime!

Yet moving on: a must,

For life goes on,

No matter how unfair it is…


4 thoughts on “For life goes on…”

  1. " Song after song,Of love that’s not there anymore,"such an amazing thought. You know how, sometimes you are listening to songs but you dont realize it? And its song after song of nothingness. Likewise, song after song of love that's not there anymore! such a lovely thought, it is! amazing poem! such a mixture of thoughts and its all brought together so well. good work!

  2. Awww! I bow my head in gratitude…:)I'm pleasantly surprised that you think my random collection of ideas is amazing… :)"Song after song": Well, I was actually describing how the "he" in the poem must've felt each lyric stabbing his heart and reminding him of his own plight… But your view is also possible: sometimes, the brain goes numb to cope up with trauma(I think you know that this is called "dissociation" in psychology. People just stare into space when it happens…)

  3. The feeling that you have when you can't show the love that you want, to someone else, is really painful, and despite the beautiful imagery, it seems like the beauty of the description is what causes more sadness to the reader. Not sadness like crying out loud for the man, but sympathy more like.

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