Dew drops

Life is no more than a dewdrop balancing on the end of a blade of grass.
-Lord Buddha

The wise man warns me that life is but a dewdrop on the lotus leaf.
Rabindranath Tagore

“Life is but a day:
A fragile dewdrop on its perilious way
From a tree’s summit”
-John Keats

“Man’s life is like a drop of dew on a leaf.”


“Yes, I know
Life is a dew drop.
And yet . . .and yet . . .”
-Japanese poet Kobiyashi Issa,



Dew drops.
Glittering diamonds atop an emerald leaf,
An amber petal, 
Or a web of silver threads.
Pleasing the eye in one moment,
Gone in the next.
Such is our life,
Says many a philosopher.
What will you spend your dew drop for?
More peace on earth,
Or more hatred?
The choice, my friend,
Is finally yours…



2 thoughts on “Dew drops”

  1. To think that so many people wrote/spoke about dewdrops and used it as a metaphor for life! About the last poem, I'd say that even though it may be up to you, we don't always know we have uselessly spent our dewdrop until its too late. Most of us assume our life was quite good, until we are old, and we look back and see that we left more scars than we thought we did

  2. :)Well, it's true that most people regret about their life towards the end and it's mostly due to the lack of planning. I'm not saying that unavoidable factors don't mess up lives, but we choose our attitudes. Whether you leave a scar or a mark: Hmmm… Nice way to think!

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