The Bo Tree

The Bo tree doesn’t give shade
To Buddhists only
It’s doesn’t cringe in disgust
As nonBuddhists walk by
The church bells toll
To mark the hour
To remind the faithful of their faith
Regardless of their faith
The calling for evening prayer
When the sun is setting
When voices become quiet whispers
It calms all, those who pray, those who don’t
The sound of bells fill the air
The Swarmi walks around
Praying, sharing the puja
He doesn’t even notice the unpottu-ed girl in the crowd

2 thoughts on “The Bo Tree”

  1. These subtle observations you've mentioned are strong reminders of the unity of all religions. Anyone can sit near a Bo tree, hear the rustle of the leaves blowing in the wind, and be transported to a totally different dimension mentally… I think you must be referring to the reminder for "azan" for Muslims and the "angelus" for Christians when you mention about church bells. True, the sonorous sound "calms all, those who pray, those who don't".Overall, the poem paints a picture of peace and harmony… Nice! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I've been to kovils and churches. Sadly not mosques. Anyway, being in those places even if they praised gods I didn't know, or prayed in a language I didn't know (esp in Kovils), made me feel calm and safe. Because it doesn't matter if you have faith or not, those places will always accept you. It is us humans who have a hard time accepting people

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