(More attempts at weird dark poetry. This one is strange)

“Left behind in life-prayed…..
Failed at everything-prayed……
Never did anyone have a kind word-prayed…..
Never had the ones I loved, love me back-prayed….
Nobody noticed me-prayed……

Thank you for putting me on this world, Lord. This is my last prayer…….

The blood keeps flowing….
The steel is in, twisting, forever twisting….

The blood keeps flowing,
The tiles are bathed;
My chest is holed, and the Lord in the Kingdom weeps.
Alas! He cries, prays long and loud for life.
What anchor holds me now, King?
What anchor to this world?
Your Son’s, Lord, was all man’s prayer;
Mine is none but cruel regret.

The blood keeps flowing,
For locked for years has been this heart.
Mortal I am; Fallen I am. You could never know.
But our hearts lie twisted, torn and dead.
You made us all, we put you out;
Yet still from the ashes did you arise.
Nothing will change
When I sink down. No prayers, no love, no memory.

To love thee Lord, but never to see you,
Burned me forever, a lasting flame.
To want to know more, but never to know,
Froze all left of my soul.
To never have my prayers answered,
Forever guides this blade.

The blood keeps flowing,
The breath has run.
The steel is now my dear.
So into Thy hands I give my spirit,
Or sink lower, lower, lower….
At your feet now pools the blood;
My prayer is answered.
Can I not see the beauty of your face?
The shining light,
The pure gaze?

But I see!

I see!

I see!

Hands are beckoning from below me.
I feel your tears on my breaking soul.
Did I finally not move you now Lord?
For never did you hear my prayer.
Love me now, pray for me as I’m gone-
Another lamb in the horned wolf’s jaws,
For the sea of darkness bathes me through,
And the blade has found its mark.

The blood keeps flowing….
The world turns black…..

This is my final prayer.

Through our prayers, we speak to God. Do not feel betrayed. Pray with faith and He will answer. We are not alone….”


2 thoughts on “FINAL PRAYER”

  1. Since people love to always jump the gun and imagine insult where there is none, I do not mean to disrespect any beliefs here. This is just my opinion…So don't we all put too much faith in god? And I don't want to even use a capital G because most of us don't know which god we want to believe. Which god is THE God? But that's not important. Let's get back to the poem. Belief or lack of belief can be utterly frustrating. When people question your beliefs, and most of all, when you, your self, question your beliefs! To think that we give so much importance to god, and do such terrible things, in the name of god?!?And what's sad is when our questions towards god makes us put that noose around our necks, or slit our wrists and so on. I love this bit from the Alchemist,"The boy reached through the Soul of the World, and saw that it was a part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles."

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