Nangi, you aren’t looking.
There, right there
It’s a constellation
Point your finger toward the sky
Your arm stretched
Like my arm.
Now slowly and carefully
Follow my finger,
Trace the stars with me
And unveil what it hides
The bear maybe,
Isn’t that your favorite
Or is it the scorpion?
Trace the stars
And I will tell you a story.
A deep dark secret

You see, Nangi,
Once there was a constellation
There was a mother star,
A father star,
Three child stars
One day the mother star left
For the desert lands
She had to light up the sandy acres
You mayn’t understand
But the mother star had to
Work hard to keep
Her family happy
So the constellation was missing a star
But they went on
Then the father star left too
He was needed elsewhere
Understand this, my dear,
You are too young, I know
But he didn’t go to kill
Even though that’s what
The other kids say
No, the father star went to
Fight for his country
But he’s yet to come home
Like one of the child stars
He stepped on something bad
And he blew out
The way all stars do at the end.
But he blew out at too young an age.

The two star constellation
Was lost, alone and scared
They stopped being a constellation
Of their own
And instead joined this constellation
And that constellation
Until, there was no where else to go
But no matter what happened
No matter how hard times got
The brother star
Never stopped loving
The sister star
And the sister star never
Left her brother’s side
And even when the dark was
So incredibly dark,
They kept shining,
They didn’t let the world
Pull them apart
Nangi, the story doesn’t end there
Our stories are too long
And too unique
To say it all at once.
But remember,
Don’t let the night sky scare you
And don’t let the bright sky
Blind you
Nangi, don’t leave the constellation
It may be difficult to stay,
But it’s even worse to leave.

Poem By Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya
Image By


5 thoughts on “Constellations”

  1. Lovely little poem Shailee! All of our stories are too long to ever end, they just keep on going and going, and each ended action is the start of another action tat continues and has so many future repercussions that it is almost unthinkable as to when and how they will stop. That aside, we should mention the deviant artist who kindly supplied this to us as well! You can post the link to her picture right? 🙂

  2. The artwork is simply breath taking! And yes, our stories should never end. Then may go forgotten but they never cease to exist. That's the beauty of life, how we have our own story, but we also start new stories with other people. The world is really beautiful 🙂

  3. Such a lovely poem!! The "unconditional love" between the siblings is well brought out… The lines " Our stories are too longAnd too uniqueTo say it all at once." and "It may be difficult to stay,But it's even worse to leave." keep haunting me… This poem also touches on issues such as the loneliness kids feel when their parents go abroad for work(specially to the middle east) or join the forces. It also makes one think about the value of our family members…

  4. glad you liked the poem! I had nearly no family actually leaving, but even those goodbyes for a day or two hurt! Because family, even though you never chose them, unlike say friends, family is there for you. They love you unconditionally. And when they leave, or when you leave, it hurts.

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