Dedicated to a special group…

Perhaps the cause of reconciliation is more important to one group more than any other- the group of young lovers who come from different races. No matter how intellectually matching they are, the stereotypical attitudes and beliefs of elders forces many of them to strangle their feelings. Maybe it was unwise of those lovers to let feelings develop between them, yet “love is blind” as the saying goes.
This poem is dedicated to all those lovers who go down in the annals of time as war victims- similar to soldiers whose shrapnel wounds hurt them from time to time, their young hearts would ache with yearning long after they are forced to forget a person who was almost their “other half”.
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 “The cloak of insecurity,
Wraps its folds around me,
Shutting out the happy sounds,
Blinding me with tears,
Wiping the pretty smile off my face.
Everything starts to remind me,

Of you,

And all the good times we had.

Carefree were we with time on our hands,

Caressing each other’s minds,

Deep into the night.

Wit and laughter,
Giggling like an idiot,
Blushes spreading from cheeks to ears,
Growing rosy and mellow,
In the dull light of a screen.
Glowing like a star,
Though darkness threatened to overwhelm.
And overwhelm it did,
Not just one day,
But day after day after day,
The bliss that was once there,
A festering wound,
That took ages to heal.
Thousands of poems stored inside me,
Yet no one to understand,
Not even you, my darling,
You who understood me more than anyone.
Years down the lane,
Maybe you’ll be another dull memory,
Of a person I loved.
Towards the light at the end of the tunnel,
I’ll travel alone.”

5 thoughts on “Dedicated to a special group…”

  1. Interracial love is a cliched theme, but since we brought it up so rarely and with a lovely image too, i think this deserves a little more thought. The poem shows the mindset of a peryon who actually believey herself to be unable to love ever again, which i think is a totally negative and dangerous feeling for anyone. However what we should realize is that interracial couples can be more interesting. Of course there is more exposure to other cultures beyond our own these days, but still there is a lot to actually understand and get to learn about one another.Marrying within one's race does not work as a "cultural norm" in this case. It is therefore something that goes against the modern ideal of a global society or whatever it is.

  2. Thanks a lot Vasika! *feels honoured*I guess it can be interpreted as that too, but I added "towards the light at the end of the tunnel" to mean that he/she is hopeful about the future. Through the poem I wanted to bring the "mushy mushy cliche cliche love" to the limelight because of these reasons: The end of a relationship, be it due to a mismatch in race or any other cause, can be extremely stressful. Some people even contemplate suicide. (I think it touches on our theme of self-reconciliation too. Good that you introduced it!!). Actually, do you know why that happens? Our brains go into a "I'll search for a way to cope" mode and delves into the long term memory to look for answers. But what have we been fed with through books, news, movies etc? Stories of lovers who took their lives…(Even Romeo and Juliet!;)) The long term memory stored these memories with the intention of using them at a future date. If we had not labelled the stories as good/bad before putting them in, we would be in trouble by default. As you've mentioned, that is dangerous. Indeed, interracial couples have more work to do in getting to know one another… But as you've mentioned, we ARE living in a "global village" now

  3. Well since I acted in R&J, it affects the third party the most. Romeo's mother Lady Montague herself commits suicide when he is exiled after killing Tybalt. Crazy little thing, love is….anyway, aside from dramas, I've never even been in a relationship so it wouldn't be easy for me to understand.

  4. this sums the feelings of many people. I mean, you like, you love and then you realize that in the end, the world wins. That just because of a conflict during your parents or grandparents time, you can't be with the person you love. And so you leave each other, but you can't stop loving each other so easily.

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