Such a strange word it is

Pieces of which we are given
During various stages
Of our lives
For the full image
We have to fight
Quite ironic, it is
But isn’t life too like that?
We live to die
This word though
It’s meaning
People argue over
‘It is this’
Says one
‘It is that’
Says another
They fight
First with words
Then with weapon
More deadly
And they go on fighting
Not realizing
Each fight
Each battle
Each war
Drains this word
This created idea
This seemingly nonexistent condition
And yet we seek
Under rock after rock
Through ocean after ocean
Beyond sky after sky
And finally we find it
At the end of the race
When epiphany ends
Sansara’s never ending game
When realization dawns
And life ceases to be

5 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. A small comment on this one. It's obvious by the inclusion of the word “sansara”, you were inspired by a Buddhist concept of peace. I mean every religion does talk of peace in one way or another, whether it's peace in this world or the next. There's always that feeling that everything bad that was attacking you has now dissolved, no matter how temporarily.
    We do “seek….Under rock after rock” as we search for true peace, whether within our hearts or for the fate of a whole nation. Of course, like you said, “the end of the race” is where we find eternal, lasting peace. Death is peace enough for those people whose lives have been full of turmoil, it's a known fact.

  2. Hmmm… A striking similarity does exist between peace and life… It was effective to use the word “piece” in the second line: apart from the fact that “piece” and “peace” rhymes, it reminds us that we can never know the complete definition of peace or life until “realization dawns, And life ceases to be”. True, some people discover the value and beauty of life only when they reach the end of it, when life has already passed them by leaving only the fragrance of memories in their minds.

  3. I think we all die wishing for peace. Whether you've lived a 'good' life, or 'bad' whether you lived a year or a hundred, at the moment of death, you are tired of living. And you look for peace, and you realize all those wars, those arguments, fights, hate and anger, there was no use of all that, because peace cannot be fought for.

  4. We try to run away from peace, just like we want to run away from life. Not all the time, but sometimes, when its easier to cry than smile. And that's when you realize that your life can't be lived for others, just like a nation's peace depends on the peace her people feel themselves.

  5. It reminds me of this quote : “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”(Dalai Lama XIV). 🙂
    And I agree that “a nation's peace depends on the peace her people feel THEMSELVES.”; i.e. an outsider may not completely understand the situation of a nation.

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