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(This is for the people about whom opinions are so strong that they can’t be shaken off…so strong that they are tortured everyday just thinking of what people will say next…it is not our fault…it never was…)


Sitting in a soot-stained dragon’s maw;
Awaiting the flame that will lick me clean…

Burning rods across my chest,
Calling me what I’m not;
Burning irons molten-red,
Scorching my soul again.
See my face, but not my eyes,
Never stare into the windows to find the truth…
But sit in Court, declare me guilty,
Not wanting to see
The reality inside.

Taped across my whole being
Are seals, poisoned stamps.
You tell me “It’s all you” and I tell say “It’s really not”.
To have to read to understand,
Thus is the virtue of Man.
But Man is yet an animal;
Burning down what he does not believe.

This label you stuck on me,
This price upon my head,
Stings me now like it always did,
Telling the world a seeming truth.

He pulled us out as crystals
From our darkened wombs,
With light dancing off us.
Man the Kaleidoscope walks this earth,
Rotating lights shining as a hall of mirrors
In this blackened carnival of dirt.
The aura shone off every of my facets,
But with this new label was the glow
All lost.

And with this carving that you etched,
There ebbed away another shaft
Of perfect crystal light.

Damned to the depths you shall be
If ever a label again you stick onto me!
Where is the room?
How many prices can one good have?
You engraved it into my skin;
I screamed and prayed,
It would not go.
Wounds will heal, but scars won’t fade,
Like this brand they stay.

If another is put on us all,
The blood on the mirror might just be real.


3 thoughts on “LABELS”

  1. A post which makes the reader feel sorry for all the scarred souls who suffer at the hands of stereotyping… You have touchingly illustrated the emotional trauma that a victim undergoes. Indeed, people “Never stare into the windows to find the truth”; most of the time they make assumptions on what they have heard from someone else; the vast and complicated stories behind the victims remain hidden in the dark.

    “Sitting in a soot-stained dragon's maw;
    Awaiting the flame that will lick me clean…”, “There ebbed away another shaft
    Of perfect crystal light.”- original and powerful imagery… Genius! 🙂 In fact, I really like the lines in which you compare people to glowing crystals. Whether we dim or brighten others' glows matters a lot, doesn't it?

  2. Is that your interpretation? I thought of writing the whole crystal thing because crystals are multi-faceted, and so refract light off many directions. I wanted to say that there are many facets to a human's soul too, but there are people who will choose to look at people in just one way, which is often wrong.

    You're right about the stereotyping in any case….

  3. 🙂 Well, that's another beautiful interpretation. There ARE so many facets to a human being… I was actually thinking how a crystal would reflect the light that falls on it due to other crystals… 😀

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