Happy New Year!

Avurudu, at home, is slightly different this year. I fell sick and couldn’t help with any of the chores and thus didn’t feel part of any of the preparations. There are less sweets this time. Less excitement. This is when it really hit me that avurudu isn’t only about auspicious times, rituals and the sun’s movements. Avurudu isn’t a Buddhist thing or a Hindu thing. It’s a Sri Lankan thing.
You mayn’t believe that certain times are better than the rest. After all, it isn’t the sun’s placing that determines the outcome of our behavior. Our lives aren’t based on nakath and rituals. Maybe you didn’t use a new pot to boil milk this year, maybe you don’t follow any of the rituals. Does this make you less Sri Lankan? Any less human?
Look at reconciliation and the journey to reconciliation. There is a need to be one when trying to be reconciled. This is something the New Year offers. At the auspicious time, thousands of families across the island will be doing the same thing. A fire was lit at the President’s house and a fire was lit in a pol athu palaya. There is uniformity in these rituals, making us one nation, and not divided beings.
Our posts titled An Ode to the Sky speak about how we all share one sky, and how, under the great heavens, we are one. Today, all these Nakath have been calculated by studying the stars. The stars that shine above us all make us follow the same rituals. They make us come together as one.
So today, think about reconciliation. Think about loving your neighbor. Share a plate of kavili with someone, even if they don’t celebrate avurudu. Enjoy the different sweets. Enjoy the day. Make this year one of change. One where we are at least a step closer to being reconciled.


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