Greener pastures

Pic by Daniel Sainte-Vincient
They seek greener pastures
Better facilities
Cleaner roads
Cheaper goods
Everything is better
And so they look up to mountains
That rise high and wide
Against night skies
Painted white
Clean, pure, untouched
Brightened by faraway light
Skies scattered with stars
Not a cloud to
Darken skies and lives
They pray and pay
Cross over
And blissful lives
They live
The stars near their end
They die, taking light with them
And those who dreamed of greener pastures
Realize that,
The greener pastures and
Tall mountains are always
Surrounded by darkness
A darkness that will suffocate you
And yearn for home,
The very place you abandoned because
It just wasn’t good enough
Poem by Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya

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