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Perks of being Sri Lankan

We all complain about Sri Lanka. We complain about the slow internet, the random power cuts, the heavy traffic and just about every other thing. Yet, we must also look at all the perks of living in this island. Below are a few that I wrote sometime back.
Being a Sri Lankan or just living in Sri Lanka has many perks.
1. Achcharu: For those who have missed this amazing treat, achcharu is either raw or ripe fruit with chili and salt and sometimes sugar. It’s amazingly delicious. Of course achcharu is sold quite cheap in little bags by roadways. From mango to pineapple, having them in achcharu is the best way to enjoy fruits. Making achcharu domestically is easy and enjoyable for everyone.
2. Food: We may not buy almonds or hazelnuts, but we love peanuts, murukku, boiled gram and various other mouth-watering easy to find cheap snacks. Food wise, we are lucky enough to enjoy rice, delicious seafood and curries daily. Sri Lankans also love sweets and milk toffees, coconut rock, ‘Kalu dodol’ and many more desserts that perfect their meals.
3. Fruits: Markets and most roadsides are full of fruit sellers. You can often buy anything from sweet to sour. Most gardens are full of fruit trees and people are willingly share fruits such as mango, ‘rambutan’ and many more with their neighbors and friends.
4. Simplicity: Nothing in Sri Lanka is complicated. From traveling to buying things from malls is simple. Ticket machines in buses don’t complicate us as they do not exist. While we complain that public transport never runs on time, well, this is extremely convenient to our never-on-time nature.
5. Public transport: One of the easiest ways to travel around in Sri Lanka is by train or bus. They are cheap and convenient. If you are too tired to walk from the bus stop to your destination, you can always hop into a three-wheeler or trishaw.
6. One big family: Yes, it’s getting scarier to live each day, but on the whole neighbors are friendly and caring. They make sure your house is safe in your absence. They bring over foods and are always willing to help. Even the strangers are treated the same way.
7. Strangers’ smile: No matter how stressed out or tired you are, in Sri Lanka people expect your smile. Sri Lankans love smiling at one another. Your day will be beautiful for sure, either with an old man’s toothless grin or a young girl’s beautiful smile.
8. Fork and Spoon: Sri Lankan cuisine doesn’t require eaters to battle their food with a fork, spoon or knife. Eating with your hand is the best way to enjoy Sri Lankan curries.
9. Diversity: If you live in this amazing little island, you will know at least two languages (and if you don’t, well, shame on you), you will have friends of many ethnic groups and you will actually know a lot of things. There is also the added advantage of getting free food for all religious festivals from your neighbors and friends.
10. Amazing people: Sri Lankans are amazing people. We love nearly everything on Earth. Yes, sometimes we are very conservative and backward, but when we love, it comes from the core of our hearts.