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Greener pastures

Pic by Daniel Sainte-Vincient
They seek greener pastures
Better facilities
Cleaner roads
Cheaper goods
Everything is better
And so they look up to mountains
That rise high and wide
Against night skies
Painted white
Clean, pure, untouched
Brightened by faraway light
Skies scattered with stars
Not a cloud to
Darken skies and lives
They pray and pay
Cross over
And blissful lives
They live
The stars near their end
They die, taking light with them
And those who dreamed of greener pastures
Realize that,
The greener pastures and
Tall mountains are always
Surrounded by darkness
A darkness that will suffocate you
And yearn for home,
The very place you abandoned because
It just wasn’t good enough
Poem by Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya

Before we fight each other…

Before we fight each other
Before we preach and then kill
Before we organize meetings
Before we form armies

We must find solutions
We must be kind
We must learn to love
We must give and give even more

Beggars lie on pavement
Skin clinging to bone
Hands unused to the feeling of coin
Life knowing nothing but pain

Scared, the boy runs away from
Rarely-present-at-home father
The strong smell of cheap liquor
Coating each beating, each abusive word

Her feet fail her
Unable to take her any further
She falls on the hot gravel
Looks back to see if he’s still chasing her

Innocent animal, large wondering eyes
He’s scared and backs away on to a wall
He feels the cool blade slicing through his neck
Blood spills as life leaves him, now a mere chunk of meat

Mosquito flies from man to man
Looking for a sip of blood
Hungry for food she lands on skin
Only to be slapped by man

Whimpering, it howls and cries
Orders and loud voices don’t help it calm down
It yelps when broom hits him
A silent night follows

Status Without Soul

Status Without Soul
Typical Sri Lankan Mother :Putha these are your choices in life. You can become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or an accountant. Otherwise you will either be a politician or a beggar.
This is the sad but true stereotype of Sri Lanka. Not cool right?I mean there is pressure and then there is that.
Sri Lanka has a lot of problems. Economical, political, social and so on but one major issue is the fact that we are a classist society. It’s a fact that we treat people differently based on their status in society and not their character. You get respect for being educated and how big your wallet is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a jerk and treat people badly because they will treat you like God because that’s our way of thinking. I strongly disagree ( emphasis on ‘  strongly disagree’ ). We should judge a person on their manners, how they treat their inferiors and the character they present. They say, ” manners maketh the man” and this holds true for the nation as well. We may not have the best infrastructure but honestly who cares if we have the best people. The kind of people that have mutual respect for one another and give everyone the respect earned by their soul and not their status!
Why? Basic evolution of psychology. Okay I actually made that up but its kind of true. We feel intimidated by our superiors There is no equality in our society due to class-ism. It is in the mindset of the people. A habitual feeling to respect and treat the rich and powerful better. People who are well connected , rich or have an important job are given better benefits, called ‘ Sir ‘ or ‘ Madam ‘, talked to with hands behind backs and generally are respected more. Do you see a plumber and a lawyer having a drink together ? Maybe if the plumber is a part time barman! So what about the poor guy?
Their ignored or treated like dirt. Do we give a second glance to the people who pump petrol, the Three –Wheeler guys who give us directions or just random laymen? No. The land has racial segregation, religious discrimination and corruption. We talk big about solving these things but how do we expect to go anywhere without respect even within those groups.
Let me give you another newsflash. Slavery people! Its not a myth, its fact and it happens. We have our maids who don’t  even have an official work status and do we treat them right? You may not see it. Most of us reading this live in the capital or are in that upper status. We know all about rights and humanity but a lot of people don’t . Have you realized how many people called these people their servants. They a given horrible treatment, paltry wages and guess what? They have families too .They have hopes and dreams for them and their friends while they sweep the house or do the laundry while we are indulging in uncountable luxury. Some are treated akin to slaves and it needs to stop if we have but a shred of humanity left.
Why can’t the typical Sri Lankan mother learn to accept their children pursuing something they love . Be it fishery or architecture. As long as it makes them happy what does it matter? It’s a misguided social convention that we need a big job to be popular and better beings, that you are a great person if you are rich, influential and powerful.
That’s crap!
We are in the 21st century for god’s sake! We are living I a world that is constantly developing not just in tangible terms but in our mentality as well. Classism is contagious. It sets a bad precedent when people see it being done because then they think it is ok to do so as well. We have to fight it for the soul of the nation. We have to fight it for it is the foundation of equality, discrimination and humanity. We have to rebel against the classist society that is our country and start an era of mutual respect and universal ethics.
We have to destroy the idealism of status without soul!

Happy New Year!

Avurudu, at home, is slightly different this year. I fell sick and couldn’t help with any of the chores and thus didn’t feel part of any of the preparations. There are less sweets this time. Less excitement. This is when it really hit me that avurudu isn’t only about auspicious times, rituals and the sun’s movements. Avurudu isn’t a Buddhist thing or a Hindu thing. It’s a Sri Lankan thing.
You mayn’t believe that certain times are better than the rest. After all, it isn’t the sun’s placing that determines the outcome of our behavior. Our lives aren’t based on nakath and rituals. Maybe you didn’t use a new pot to boil milk this year, maybe you don’t follow any of the rituals. Does this make you less Sri Lankan? Any less human?
Look at reconciliation and the journey to reconciliation. There is a need to be one when trying to be reconciled. This is something the New Year offers. At the auspicious time, thousands of families across the island will be doing the same thing. A fire was lit at the President’s house and a fire was lit in a pol athu palaya. There is uniformity in these rituals, making us one nation, and not divided beings.
Our posts titled An Ode to the Sky speak about how we all share one sky, and how, under the great heavens, we are one. Today, all these Nakath have been calculated by studying the stars. The stars that shine above us all make us follow the same rituals. They make us come together as one.
So today, think about reconciliation. Think about loving your neighbor. Share a plate of kavili with someone, even if they don’t celebrate avurudu. Enjoy the different sweets. Enjoy the day. Make this year one of change. One where we are at least a step closer to being reconciled.


(More attempts at weird dark poetry. This one is strange)

“Left behind in life-prayed…..
Failed at everything-prayed……
Never did anyone have a kind word-prayed…..
Never had the ones I loved, love me back-prayed….
Nobody noticed me-prayed……

Thank you for putting me on this world, Lord. This is my last prayer…….

The blood keeps flowing….
The steel is in, twisting, forever twisting….

The blood keeps flowing,
The tiles are bathed;
My chest is holed, and the Lord in the Kingdom weeps.
Alas! He cries, prays long and loud for life.
What anchor holds me now, King?
What anchor to this world?
Your Son’s, Lord, was all man’s prayer;
Mine is none but cruel regret.

The blood keeps flowing,
For locked for years has been this heart.
Mortal I am; Fallen I am. You could never know.
But our hearts lie twisted, torn and dead.
You made us all, we put you out;
Yet still from the ashes did you arise.
Nothing will change
When I sink down. No prayers, no love, no memory.

To love thee Lord, but never to see you,
Burned me forever, a lasting flame.
To want to know more, but never to know,
Froze all left of my soul.
To never have my prayers answered,
Forever guides this blade.

The blood keeps flowing,
The breath has run.
The steel is now my dear.
So into Thy hands I give my spirit,
Or sink lower, lower, lower….
At your feet now pools the blood;
My prayer is answered.
Can I not see the beauty of your face?
The shining light,
The pure gaze?

But I see!

I see!

I see!

Hands are beckoning from below me.
I feel your tears on my breaking soul.
Did I finally not move you now Lord?
For never did you hear my prayer.
Love me now, pray for me as I’m gone-
Another lamb in the horned wolf’s jaws,
For the sea of darkness bathes me through,
And the blade has found its mark.

The blood keeps flowing….
The world turns black…..

This is my final prayer.

Through our prayers, we speak to God. Do not feel betrayed. Pray with faith and He will answer. We are not alone….”


Life we think to enjoy
Is sometimes like a mirage
There are ups and downs
As we travel along
We have good times
Which are enjoyed the most
We enjoy them so much
That we forget our grievances
But there comes bad times
Which we wish we could forget
We grieve on them so much
That we forget all those happy times
Life is like this…
Living with good and bad times
We share our happiness
As well as our grievances
There comes a joyous thought
A feeling as of not being alone
With family, friends and all
We can share everything we feel
Loving and forgiving
Kind and understanding
Grateful as we are
To all of you…!